Instagram Video Ideas: 6 Tips To Make Killer Instagram Videos

Instagram is a successful social media platform, and the power of Instagram videos is limitless. Posting Instagram videos can help you increase page engagement and successfully promote brand products or services. 

According to Instagram statistics, video posts get 38% more engagement than photos. So you need to focus on video content if you want to promote your Instagram page or business. 

More than 100 million posts are shared every day on Instagram, but how do you make Instagram videos that sets you apart from the crowd? Here are six tips to make a killer Instagram video that increases your followers and boosts your engagement rate. 

Tip 1: Post High-Quality Video Content

People on every social media, especially on Instagram, enjoy high-quality video content. This means you must create effective video content on Instagram and give your audience something new, so they can like and share your post. 

You don’t have to get a professional camera to shoot quality videos. Your smartphone with a good camera is just fine. While creating a video, make sure to check the lighting, sound effect, and video length. 

Tip 2: Make Authentic Video Content

Sharing unique video content on Instagram is the best way to promote your post on the explore page. Always come up with amazing content to stand out from the crowd. 

Find your target audience and make videos to grow your followers and get more impressions and reach. Share time-lapse videos and hyperlapse videos to attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. 

Use the Instagram video editing tool to create gorgeous videos that describe your Instagram page or business. You can easily do this with the help of frames, video filters, stickers, and video collages. 

Tip 3: Cross Promote Videos on Stories 

Once you upload your videos, it is time to cross-promote them on your Instagram account. If you post your video on Instagram feeds, you can share it on your Instagram story to boost engagement and reach. 

Additionally, if you do an Instagram live, you can make it an IGTV video and keep it on your channel forever. You can also add a preview of the IGTV video on your feed and Instagram stories to attract a new audience to your channel. 

Looking out for how to boost Instagram story views? It is damn easier than you think! But only when you follow the right strategy. Use Instagram stories to cross promote your IGTV teaser, reels videos and feed posts with “new post” stickers to explore your story reach and engagement. 

Share your video on every available feature on Instagram to boost your profile reach and engagement. Also you can cross promote your videos on other social media profiles to grow your profile reach. 

Tip 4: Post Short Videos

One of the perfect ways to grab user attention is to make Instagram videos as short as possible because people don’t spend their time watching one thing. 

Instagram has specified video length for each feature

  • 15 seconds for Instagram stories 
  • 30 seconds for Instagram reels
  • 1 minute for video post on Instagram feeds

When you are shooting a video for Instagram, you must remember these features. If you want to post a longer video, you can go with Instagram TV or Instagram live.

Tip 5: Add Captions

According to the research, 92% of people watch muted videos, and 82% of people like to see a video with captions on Instagram. Adding a caption helps the user to understand what you are trying to say in your videos. 

Many people like to watch videos with captions on their feed. Adding captions gets people’s attention faster, and even the video has no sound. Make sure that your captions are short and catchy. 

Additionally, you can add some stickers, emojis, or catchy text to draw the user’s attention to your videos. Adding captions to your post will increase your video reach among a wider audience. 

Summing Up

Video content strategy is the most important way for creators and brands to improve their reach and awareness. Create unique video content on Instagram to attract new audiences without spending money on promotions. 

Make sure to use the Instagram video editing tool to create eye catchy videos to attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. Follow these five effective tips to make viral Instagram videos.