The One Most Effective Way To Immediately Double Your Blog’s Views

I’m not in Sherwood woodland with Robin and his merry men, but rather in a cafe with lycra-clad bikers getting their caffeine fix after an early morning ride has given them a surge of endorphins.

The One Most Effective Way to Immediately Double Your Blog’s Views

A year ago, I started this blog with little hope, some apprehension, and some unanswered concerns.

Can you estimate how many people would go through with reading it? Is there a chance they’d enjoy the story? Would they, if they did show up, say anything, and if so, would it be good or negative?

Having purchased my own domain (excellent idea!! ), I set about creating a blog on using one of their themes (excellent choice!!) before penning my first entry. The entire planet has gone silent.

Due to the constraints of the platform and hosting on, I was unable to add features to the blog as traffic, comments, and visitors increased, including banners, plugins, widgets, and other aspects. I felt like I had one hand tied behind my back, and I was losing blog traffic since I wasn’t using this WordPress plugin to optimise my site.

The addition of a ReTweet button was one of the features I knew was promote my page views and traffic. The comments section of my blog received a lot of suggestions to “include a retweet button so you make it easy for us to distribute your material” from readers.

As a result, I have been preparing the blog for debut with

  • Re-Design (Banner Caricature by John Haycraft) (Banner Caricature by John Haycraft)
  • Model Redesign from the Ground Up (Frugal WordPress Theme which has a great easy to use powerful highly featured interface for making changes without having to know coding)
  • Web server operated independently; self-hosted (thanks to Host Monster, which has exceeded my high standards in terms of 24/7 support).

The difficulty came from preserving the 10,000+ inbound connections to my blog that had been built up over the last 15 months throughout the transfer process, so that readers wouldn’t encounter broken links when trying to access my site via links posted on other blogs and websites.

The switch was made two days ago, and the ReTweet button is now live; in that short amount of time, it looks that the ReTweet button has increased traffic to my site by 55% compared to the two-month average.

Although it’s still early, I’ll report back after making a more thorough comparison to determine how much of an impact this tiny button has had on my site’s visitors.