How To Launch Your Course On Instagram To Maximize Exposure?

Sure, you worked hard to hone your abilities. And then you went and did the same amount of work to make a course. You’ve put in the time and effort, and you want it to be worthwhile. You can do this effectively on social media. Using Instagram to market your course is explained here.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the 6 steps necessary to launch your Instagram course sales.

Create an Instagram account and profile

The first impression of your course will be formed by your Instagram profile. Customers will subscribe and make purchases if they like what they see. To make a better impression and make more sales, try these steps:

  • Create a solid biography that explains the course’s focus and enrollment procedures. Keep it brief, but don’t forget to highlight the course’s focus, distinguishing characteristics, and benefits. Include a call to action, telling people to click the link in your bio for more details and to make a purchase.
  • Create a clickable bio on Instagram. It needs to forward to the homepage for your course.
  • Make the most important material for your class easily accessible by using Highlights. Create spotlights, for instance, that feature reviews, the course schedule, and available payment methods.
  • Make an Instagram profile that reflects your personal taste. Pick your filters and colour palette and stick with them throughout the page.

Make an Instagram welcome page for your class

Make a sales page just for Instagram so you can promote your course. Your course’s description and pricing information will be easily accessible and presented on the page. Users are more inclined to make a purchase if they have a good experience doing so.

Using Taplink’s website builder to create an Instagram landing page for your course is the best option.

For all users, everywhere. Include a buy now or register button and all course details on your site. Users may get their queries answered and purchase your course in one convenient location.
Optimally suited for viewing on mobile devices. Users typically access Instagram on their mobile devices. Because of the mobile-first web design that the Taplink website builder employs, the landing pages it generates always look great on mobile devices. Furthermore, the sites load instantly, ensuring that even the most impatient customers will not become frustrated and leave.

Map out your material

The Instagram account you’re using to market your course should be updated frequently with new content. This keeps you in the minds of potential prospective students.

The content strategy guarantees that you will never run out of Instagram material. Time also allows for the creation of superior visuals and written content. How to develop a content strategy is outlined in this article. The essentials are outlined here:

  • Put in some more quick videos. There is current market need for them. Regularly update your Instagram Story. Reels should make up the bulk of the postings.
  • Be aware of when you’ll need to post. Only through experimentation and analysis can you determine the optimal timing and frequency. Try posting twice daily to Instagram to begin with. If you want to reach more people, post more frequently. One post per day may be plenty if you find that the second one receives significantly less views and likes.
  • Focus on what is being taught. More likes on your photographs and videos, new fans and follows, and fewer people unfollowing you will result.

Enhance the worth of your curriculum

If the price of the course is affordable, more potential students will enrol. You can raise the value of the Instagram course you’re selling rather than lowering the price. Methods include the following:

  • Offer assistance before, during, and after study sessions.
  • Talk to each and every one of your students one-on-one (no helpers or bots allowed).
  • Provide a venue for people to meet potential friends, colleagues, and companions with similar interests. Make a group chat in Instagram Direct Messages or another messaging app for students to use.
  • Offer extracurricular options for students. Off-course activities and related events are two good examples.
  • Show off your knowledge. If you have any credentials, please display them.
  • Exude charm and individuality. A lot of people are willing to spend more to get the high that you provide.
  • Include a description of the course’s benefits in your Instagram bio. Besides the abilities, what else do users gain?

Maintain your Instagram course promotion

If you want to make sales of your Instagram course after the sales debut, you’ll need to keep advertising the profile. Customers increase according to the number of people who follow you.

Make use of hashtags

Using hashtags in the captions of your Instagram images is the simplest and, most importantly, cost-free approach to advertise the course you provide for sale. There’s a full tutorial on using them that we wrote. The Explore section will display the posts containing the hashtags. Users who are unfamiliar with you will see them there. A subset of them will sign up for your service and pay for your course.

Talk to the customers

Engaging with other Instagram users is a no-cost strategy for attracting the attention of potential customers. Engage them in conversation on your rivals’ social media platforms. Find the pages of your target audience among your followers and the followers of your competitors, as well as the authors of posts using topic hashtags, and engage with them.


Work with popular Instagram users to spread the word about your online course. Pick well-known people from your specific field. You could make a joint post or do a livestream. Then, part of the influencer’s audience will find out about you and subscribe.

Collaborations may come at a cost to you. If the influencer and you share a similar number of followers, you can both benefit from working together. Hopefully, it won’t cost anything. Given the number of the influencer’s fans.