Everything You Need To Know: TikTok Marketing

Even if you haven’t yet downloaded TikTok on your own device, you’ve probably heard of it, either through mentions of it in viral comedy videos and dances or through sightings of the TikTok logo in videos reposted on your favourite social media sites.

TikTok must be a part of your 2021 social media marketing strategy if you either market to Gen Z and younger millennials or intend to develop a strategy for creating video content.
TikTok is expected to have around 689 million monthly active users and 2 billion app store downloads by the year 2020, making it the most downloaded app of all time by a wide margin. A definition, please. The network outnumbers both Twitter and Pinterest combined.

With such a flood of fresh material, it’s clear that TikTok is here to stay; it’s not a passing fad. There’s a decent chance that a portion of those 689,000,000 people are part of your company’s ideal customer profile.

Explain TikTok

As a popular video-sharing app, TikTok has attracted a sizable user base.

Short videos are shot by TikTokers (TikTok users), who then edit them with various effects, filters, captions, and background music before sharing them with their followers. Creators of content use hashtags and labelling to increase their chances of being discovered by people who aren’t already following them.
advertising on TikTok

Both collaborating with influencers and producing original content are viable options for organically growing your TikTok channel.

Let’s examine both possibilities so you can make an informed decision about what’s best for your company.

TikTok will be a major platform for influencer marketing

TikTok is full of people who have created something, whether it be a makeup tutorial or a baking video. Numerous TikTok stars in these fields have amassed millions of fans thanks to their widespread influence.

For a portion of your marketing budget, you can partner with these influencers to launch an influencer marketing campaign that may attract an audience interested in purchasing your products.
Make use of TikTok to spread your brand’s message with unique videos (if you dare)

Creating your own videos to promote on TikTok can be very effective. However, a significant investment of time, imagination, and materials is required. Your content on TikTok should also have the potential to go viral if you want to see any success with the platform. If not, the TikTok community is likely to disregard it.

Entering the “trend” culture is the quickest and most reliable way to guarantee that your original content will be well received and shared.

Follow popular hashtags with the Discover page, and then adapt those that relate to your brand into your own. Making people laugh or feel good about themselves increases the content’s potential for virality.

Learn where to look for trending hashtags to use in your brand’s TikTok videos

TikTok hashtags are a great way to expand your audience and there are three main ways to find them.

In order to maximise the exposure of your posts, make use of some trending, all-purpose hashtags. Try some of the suggestions from Influencer Marketing Hub that I’ve included below.

Check out the most popular hash tags

Go to the Discover page to see the latest trending hashtags. Have a look at the hashtags to see if there are any that apply to your company or industry, or that point to problems that could use your unique solution.

Use role models as inspiration

Check out the #hashtags that the leaders in your industry are using. Following the above steps, which will help you locate niche influencers for your industry, you can steal the hashtags they use and see how well they perform for your own posts.

Make use of trending, generic hashtags

In order to maximise the exposure of your posts, make use of some trending, all-purpose hashtags. Influencer Marketing Hub suggests the following.

Put your money into TikTok commercials

TikTok has an advertising platform that will expand your reach for you if you set aside some money, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t have the time to think of ideas, create videos, and then slowly cultivate their reach through organic engagement.

Ad Layouts for TikTok

Depending on the advertising assets you’re working with or the nature of your campaign, TikTok can display your ad in a number of different ways in the feed. The app’s description states that these “include but are not limited to: horizontal, vertical, or square videos and images.”

They also provide a few creation tool sets for making these advertisements:

  • You don’t have to be a professional editor to make videos with your personal photos and music using the “Video Creation Kit” from.
  • “Automated Creative Optimization,” which facilitates the automation of ad production, distribution, and optimization.
  • Analytics for TikTok Commercial Success

The performance of your TikTok ads can be tracked and monitored with the help of a variety of tools made available through the TikTok Ads measurement system.

Track user actions on your site with the TikTok pixel to see how effective your ads are and how much money you’ve made from them.
Ad conversions, in-app user behaviour, impressions, and click attribution data are all tracked by third-party tracking companies that TikTok works with.

These ad guidelines should make it clear that advertisements on TikTok are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Bottom Line If you want users to stay on your ad (or better yet, click through and convert), you’re still responsible for c

That wraps up our guide to advertising on TikTok in 2021. Follow this advice to figure out if and how you want to market on TikTok, and whether your efforts should be organic or paid.

Keep in mind that it appeals to a niche audience, so you need to tread carefully but still make it entertaining and shareable.