The Eleven Best Practices For Increasing Your Instagram Following In 2023

You might be asking how to increase your Instagram following while you put up your digital marketing strategy.

In any case, signing up for a business account is only the beginning. If you don’t have any followers, and more crucially, any potential consumers, your marketing efforts will be for naught. You need a sizable audience to whom you may showcase your best work in the hopes that they will become paying clients.

Increase your Instagram following with the use of these 16 proven strategies.

1. Automate your Instagram expansion

Building an engaged fan base on Instagram need not be a daunting task in 2023.

If you use a tool like Kicksta to expand your Instagram following, you can automate your expansion just as easily as you do your publishing, analytics, or any other company function.

They have been able to notice the steady stream of visitors Kicksta has brought them by checking their analytics statistics. Kicksta users get genuine attention and interaction from actual people, not just a bunch of inactive bots. To fast gain a larger Instagram following, you may want to look into automated methods.

2. See Instagram highlights

The year 2023 will see the continuation of reels’ meteoric rise to prominence.

Whatever you feel about it, video is here to stay. Now is the moment to make a Contribution if you haven’t already. Begin with a basic task. Choose a music, time your pointing to the rhythm, and then insert text explaining your product or concept wherever you point.

3. The appeal of Instagram’s story format

Use the various resources Instagram gives to boost engagement with your Stories.

Nowadays, Instagram Stories are a major draw for users. Most users immediately go to their Stories feed when logging in, bypassing the main feed entirely.

4. Improve your bio’s visibility to gain more followers.

Having a compelling bio ready to go when potential followers appear on your page is crucial. The following are some guidelines to follow while writing various parts of your bio:

  • In your profile photo, add real individuals if at all feasible. Make sure your logo is legible even when reduced to fit inside a 2 mm diameter circle.
  • Your bio is searchable, so be careful to utilise relevant keywords in the text itself.
  • Include branded hashtags in your bio if you use them, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Make the most of the highlights by archiving frequently asked questions, your brand’s backstory, new product launches, and anything else your followers could find useful.

5. Develop a powerful hashtag approach

With the proper hashtags, your Instagram posts will be seen and engaged with by the people who are most interested in them, increasing the likelihood that you will gain followers. You may still use a term as a hashtag even if you don’t use it in the post itself, provided that it is still relevant. Your post will then be visible to those who are interested in and following that particular hashtag.

6. Never let your updates lag

Keeping on the topic of regularity, in 2023, success will need regular and timely publishing. If you get a large following and then publish inconsistently, your followers may lose interest and stop following you. Create a plan and stick to it. Although daily updates aren’t required, you should determine and stick to a schedule that works for your company.

7. Make sure your tone and feed are always the same

Maintaining such constancy is key to gaining and maintaining fans.

If someone reads a couple of your articles, likes what they see, and decides to follow you, they are likely hoping for consistent tone moving forward. You don’t want to ruin an impression of expertise by suddenly sounding casual and unconcerned. Like, that’s not what your followers expected.

8. Improve your captions’ searchability and engagement

It is possible to optimise your Instagram caption for search engines in the same way that you would your blog post. It may come as a surprise, but Instagram is being used as a search engine for a wide variety of topics, including local businesses. If you want to see the proper pages in the search results, you need to use the right keywords.

9. Collaborate with Stakeholders

It’s 2023, and influencer marketing has arrived for real.

Including well-known and respected personalities into your marketing strategy helps increase consumer trust in your product. Now is the time to start collaborating with an influencer if you haven’t already. Just attempt to come up with a strong sales pitch and go for it. Before you sneak into their direct messages and propose a partnership, you should start by following them and commenting on their posts to make them aware you exist.

When you’ve established rapport, you may begin negotiating a partnership to include into your content marketing efforts.

10. Use mapping and labelling features

Most customers like to buy from businesses that are close to where they live. Using the location function is useful even if you run a web-based business that serves customers all over the world.

Create competitions and incentives to encourage participation from your audience.

Offering prizes and holding contests are great methods to get people interested. This will signal to Instagram’s algorithm that your material is worthwhile, increasing the likelihood that it will promote and distribute your posts to a wider audience. This shows new followers that your material is valuable and well-received by your existing audience.