How To Get Instagram Followers and Likes?

Increasing your Instagram likes and followers is a top priority if you want to achieve your social media goals. Instagram is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, allowing them to reach a wider audience, highlight what sets them apart from competitors, and ultimately increase sales. It might be challenging to achieve success without an audience or a plan for expanding that audience.

Instagram may be a profitable marketing tool even if your account doesn’t have tens of thousands of likes and followers. Having genuine fans that look forward to and interact with your content is significantly more valuable. Having a large number of fake followers will do nothing except skew your stats and insights.

Best Practices for Attracting Instagram Followers

If you want more Instagram likes and higher engagement, the first step is to increase your follower count.

Automatically Acquiring New Followers

One of the best and most genuine ways to increase your Instagram following is through engagement marketing, but it can be time-consuming. As part of an engagement strategy, you can go to the profiles of some of your target Instagram users and like some of their posts. This is like giving them a friendly touch on the shoulder to let them know you’ve seen them and appreciate their work. Then, if all goes well, they’ll check out your profile and, if interested, follow you. While this strategy is effective, it can be time-consuming to locate and view the profiles of all of the people who could be interested in following you. You may save time while still steadily gaining new followers by outsourcing and automating this task. 

Be careful to use hashtags effectively

Using relevant hashtags will increase your chances of being discovered by new Instagram users. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags, and you should use as many as possible. After all, this is an excellent strategy for gaining exposure to a wider audience and attracting more Instagram followers.

There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure you’re being sensible before you start adding whatever hashtag that comes to mind.

Always aim to provide content of the highest quality

Instagram users that post often to their accounts tend to get a larger audience. Because of this, your followers will consistently visit your site to read your updates. Choose a regular publishing schedule, even if it’s not everyday. If you can’t promise to publish every day in the feed, but you can guarantee a daily presence in Stories, that’s excellent! Make three or four high-quality feed updates every week and use Stories to interact with your followers every day. 

Join Forces With Competing Businesses Or Influencers

To increase your Instagram following, consider forming a partnership with a more established account in your field. If you partner with a company or personality well-known in your field, you can rest assured that your message will reach its intended consumers. 

A collaboration of this type might take several forms. Story takeovers, sponsored posts, and giveaways with complementary brands are all options. Companies and influencers can benefit from working together since their followers are more likely to buy from a company or trust an influencer they already like and respect. 

Get the most out of cross-promotion on social media

Likes and followers on Instagram may be increased through cross-promotion.
You may also advertise your Facebook page, blog, or email newsletters on Instagram, or vice versa.

One common misconception is that if someone is following you on one platform, they will automatically follow you on all of their other accounts. 

Best Practices for Gaining Instagram Followers

Now that you have more Instagram followers, let’s talk about how to get them to actively connect with your posts.

Use Clear, Eye-Catching Pictures

More people will see your Instagram photos than you think. Remember that Instagram is primarily a visual medium. Images posted by you should compel viewers to pause what they’re doing and click the “Like” button. Make sure that the images you use, whether they include people, flat-lay items, or text graphics, are well-lit, well-composed, and aesthetically pleasing so that people will want to look at them.

Create Interesting Captions

When your audience’s attention has been captivated by your stunning photo, it’s time to compose a compelling caption that motivates them to take action. You need a catchy headline to get their attention, followed by helpful information, and then a call to action asking them to share, comment, or like the photo. Captions that are interesting to read might be the key to increasing viewership.

Use Instagram for contests and freebies

To join a contest or win a prize, your followers can do things like “like,” “comment,” or “tag” your post. As an added benefit, you can increase the exposure of your contest by partnering with another company or influencer. Contests and giveaways may be a great method to increase your engagement and gain more likes and followers on Instagram since people love the chance to win free stuff.

Share Work Created by Your Audience

Using UGC may boost your audience’s confidence in you and get them more interested in your postings. UGC demonstrates that genuine people appreciate your brand enough to want to talk about it online. These types of photos tend to receive a lot of likes and comments, and they are a terrific method to gain exposure on Instagram.