7 Instagram Bio Ideas To Grab More Followers

You can’t build a sizable Instagram following by posting random photos. An interesting Instagram bio is essential if you want to attract your desired audience and increase your number of followers. Actually, your bio will be the first thing users see before any of your photos.

In addition to attracting new followers, a well-written profile may promote you or your business to existing ones. Instagram users may get a sense of what you provide and what they can anticipate from your company with the help of the correct keywords.

What Is Instagram Bio?

Simply put, your Instagram bio is the text that appears beneath your username. Common information to include here is your job title, what it is that you perform, and testimonials from satisfied customers or clients. A website link, emoticons, hashtags, a CTA, and contact information are additional common features.

What Else Ought to You Add?

While there is no hard and fast rule for what should be included in an Instagram bio, here are some guidelines to follow:

Profile Picture

Your profile picture, whether it’s a logo or a snapshot of a product, should reflect your specialisation and brand. It’s important to keep your brand’s visual identity consistent throughout all of your social media channels, and that includes Instagram.

Since Instagram is primarily a visual platform, your profile picture ought to be of high quality and aesthetic appeal. It’s also recommended that you apply the same filter to the photo that you normally use. In this approach, you may establish a consistent brand image.

Title and Login Name

Your complete name serves as your Instagram name, while your @handle serves as your username. Your username will be included in your profile’s URL and shown at the top of your page. It might be a shorter version of your brand name or a different name altogether.


With an Instagram Business account, you can also choose a category that best describes your company. Users will be able to view your changes in real time, which is really helpful. In addition, it will spare you some valuable characters for use elsewhere.

Biological Data

Instagram, being primarily a visual network, has stricter character restrictions than other social media platforms. The Instagram bio section has a character count cap of 150. This will prove to be the most difficult aspect of creating your bio. That’s why it’s crucial to make the most of every character by employing appropriate tools, emojis, and symbols.

You can only include one active link in your Instagram bio. It is not required that this link take them to the homepage. Another option is to update it frequently to alert your followers to any fresh press coverage, sales, or landing pages.

Some Ideas For Catchy Instagram Bios

Choose an Objective

Prior to penning your bio, it’s essential that you settle on a mission statement. You need to identify what you want your Instagram account to accomplish, whether it’s to assist your audience get to know you better or to spread the word about your brand. Having a goal in mind will make it much simpler to limit yourself to the allowed number of words.

Tell Me About Yourself

Instagrammers that are truly successful understand that their photographs and captions are only a small part of what their followers need to get to know them. Your Instagram profile should be just as interesting as your images. Include information like your work title, present employer, awards, and interests in your resume. You’re not required to use just one job title either. Maybe you can include in some of your extracurricular activities.

Whatever you decide to include, the tone you choose should accurately reflect who you are. For instance, appropriate emojis are wonderful if you want to come out as playful and informal, and they may also save important characters.

Bring in Your Personal Preferences

Connecting with your ideal customer base is essential if you want to expand your social media following. It’s also a great method to get people familiar with the stuff you plan to share with them. You don’t even have to write in complete sentences, as you only have so many characters to work with. Users will be more interested in following you if you provide a few phrases that give a glimpse at what excites you.

Make use of the BioLinkBuilder

The character and link counts are both too low, which is annoying. As previously discussed, your Instagram bio may only contain one link. Feedlink, Linktree, Tap Bio, and Shorby are just a few of the Instagram link in bio apps that may help you maximise the potential of just one link. This allows you to advertise several links and track their success.

Modify the Typeface

Tools that alter the appearance of the custom Instagram typeface are another category worth exploring. You may use it to convert your entire text into special characters, although doing so is unnecessary unless you want to emphasise specific terms.

Include Emojis in Instagram Bios

Use special text symbols strategically in your bio or as bullet points if you choose not to use emojis. To add special characters to a Google Doc, open the document, go to the “Insert” tab, and then choose “Special characters” from the drop-down menu. You may get ideas by browsing the list of people or you can use the search bar to find people that fit your niche.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are also clickable on Instagram. Using a branded hashtag is a great way to spread the word about a new campaign or gather user-created material.