Instagram Reels Analytics: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

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Instagram reels are the hottest platform for businesses to promote their brand reach to a wider audience. Since it is a short vertical video, it has taken the world by storm in recent years. According to the stats, Instagram reels receive 22% more engagement than regular posts on Instagram. If you are looking for ways to capitalize your content, it is essential to understand what’s working for your brand. In this article, you’ll learn everything about Instagram reels insights.

What Is Instagram Reels Analytics?

Instagram reels analytics is meant for analyzing, tracking, and collecting data to understand the performance of your IG reels. An in-depth Instagram reels analytics can help you to take the right decision to build an engaging content strategy. 

Analyzing your metrics will help you know your audience better, and creating content will boost your page performance and attract new audiences to your IG profile. Reel analytics are a part of Instagram analytics and should be added to your Instagram and social media reports. 

Instagram Reels Analytics Metrics

To find whether your Instagram reels reaches success, you need to check the following metrics:

Instagram Reels Reach Insights

Account Reached:

It tells you how many unique users on Instagram viewed your IG reels at least once. 


It is the total number of times your reel videos have been played. Usually, these metrics could be higher than the account reached because some users may watch your video more than once. 

Instagram Reels Engagement Insights


This metric lets you know how many Instagram users like your reels.


The total number of comments for individual reels. 


The number of times your reels were saved


The total number of times users shared your reel to their Instagram story or directly sent it to other users.

Instagram Reels Analytics to Make Better Reels

Now with the above points, you are clear about where to find your Instagram reel analytics and why to track them. Getting into the reels analytics is best to put all the insights into making better content to boost video engagement. 

#1: Test Different Reels Style & Length

To make an engaging reel, you must watch many popular reels on Instagram. Use the Instagram Explorer page to find the trending reel content and recreate them to work better for your brand or business. Additionally, you can use the best visual styles, filters, and effects to make your reel popular on Instagram.

Instagram allows users to share up to 90 seconds of reel videos with their friends and family. But you don’t need to use it the whole time. Sometimes shorter videos can be more engaging than longer ones. Similar to testing different styles, you need to test different reels length and see what your audience responds to the best. 

#2. Post At The Right Time

Posting your reels at peak time is the best strategy to maximize your video reach and engagement. Track your reels insights to find the best day of the week and time of the day to upload your Instagram reels to increase your video views and likes. 

Are you wondering about how to boost views count on reels videos for your account? It is simple! Test different posting times and track your result closely to find out what time works best for you and your potential audiences. Post videos accordingly to get instant reels views from the audiences who already show interest in your content. With this, you will never waste great engaging reels by posting them when your target audience is not online. 

Why is Tracking Reels Analytics Important?

With any social media platform, tracking your analytics can help you understand your overall performance and gives opportunities to create better content for the future. The Instagram reels analytics can help you to get the following insights:

  • Your audience likes and dislikes
  • The right time to post reels for getting reach and engagement
  • An attractive call to action button resonating with your audience
  • Helps to select the right effects, filters, and music you are doing with.

Closely tracking your Instagram reel analytics will help you to become popular on the platform. 

Final Words

Tracking and analyzing your reels insights should be a key part of your regular Instagram marketing strategy. Identifying the content suitable for your audiences is best to increase your reels videos’ reach and engagement. If you are already running a business, add this strategy to drive growth and sales shortly.