How To Leverage Instagram Stories To Enhance Engagement?

Instagram stories might be a lot to take in if you’re just getting started with the app. But in the last year, the adoption of Instagram stories by major businesses has increased by 100%.

You might be wondering what all the hubbub is about with the concept of short videos that disappear after 24 hours and don’t even appear on your profile grid or feed.

Despite their flaws, tales are a fantastic medium for building rapport with readers and increasing site activity. The appropriate strategy can help you increase website traffic, lead generation, and product sales from Instagram’s 500 million daily active users watching Instagram stories online.

Furthermore, nearly 59% of millennials watch Instagram stories, so this is a channel to think about.

In this piece, I’ll demonstrate how to maximise the impact of Instagram Stories on your site’s popularity. Instagram is always making changes to stay competitive, so learning to use stories effectively for marketing is time well spent.

Okay, let’s jump right in.

The upsides of posting to Instagram’s story feature

There are numerous upsides to using Instagram Stories. Among these are:

You can potentially convert viewers into buyers with Instagram Stories.
Calls to action (also known as Instagram stickers) can be added to each video segment in an Instagram story in order to increase engagement with your website. In order to get feedback on your product or service, ask your viewers for their opinion on it in a non-intrusive way.
It’s simple to send interested parties to your site or blog from there. Instagram stories are a great way to market your e-commerce platform, and you can even use stickers to drive customers to complete specific activities.

Storytelling can be used in a number of ways to boost social media video views, including:

  • The proper use of hashtags
  • Making use of autoplay

How to determine how long your video should be?

Increasing this interaction shows Instagram that your material has value, which means it will be seen to more individuals who are potentially interested in what you have to offer.

Increase your brand’s visibility by attracting new Instagram followers.
Hashtags are a great method to attract more readers to your post. It’s great to use relevant hashtags in your tale, but teasing them is much better.

They’re simple to operate and won’t break the bank.

Instagram stories are inexpensive when compared to other forms of social media advertising like Facebook ads. Putting them online is a simple process. You won’t have to worry about them cluttering up your profile for more than a day because they will automatically disappear.

Because of this, they are a fantastic tool for testing out potential video formats that your audience will enjoy.

Improving Instagram Followers to Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Use the following advice to make Instagram stories that drive more traffic to your site.

Direct visitors to your website with calls to action.
You may learn a lot about how well your products or services are received by customers if you simply ask for their opinions. To solicit information from site users in a non-intrusive manner, businesses use popup and form builders. In the end, the number of times site visitors click on call-to-action buttons will determine how effective these technologies really are.

There’s no reason not to send them straight to your website

For a more in-depth analysis of consumer feedback, you may compile responses to a blog post titled “What our customers say.” For even more interaction, include a link to this in your Instagram bio.

If you’re creating courses on a website, you may offer a sneak peek at the material or a free trial lesson in exchange for an email address from your audience when they swipe up. These kinds of steps can help turn your social network followers into qualified leads who are more likely to become actual customers.

You can easily improve the quality of your Instagram stories by using a service like WeVideo. Create engaging narratives out of your videos to catch the eye of viewers as they go through their feed. When you’re trying to sell something specific, it’s simple and natural to include a call to action in a story like that. You may enhance website traffic and conversions by capitalising on the interest generated by your social media postings with the help of content marketing solutions.

Throw a contest with a tempting prize to boost participation

Hosting a giveaway on your Instagram stories is a fantastic method to increase your following and interaction rates. To accomplish this, you’ll need to film a series of videos that serve as promotional material for the contest. Over half of Millennials who follow their favourite businesses on social media do so in order to take advantage of exclusive offers and freebies.

After the contest has been announced, it can be mentioned in numerous stories while providing up-to-the-minute details. More people will visit your site and interact with your brand if you do this. Make sure the rules for entering the giveaway are clear and that there is a cutoff time for doing so.

Sharing Instagram stories with comparable platforms

You can increase the number of people who interact with your Instagram stories by holding a video collaboration with a related business. The two of you can collaborate to post the videos on Instagram stories, with a call to action (CTA) that promotes both of your online destinations.

If you have a certain area of interest, try looking for related accounts that have posted content on the topic. Then make contact and talk about the possibility of doing some videos together, giving something special to the viewers of both channels in exchange for their subscriptions.

You don’t need anything fancy; in fact, the less complicated, the better. This is a fantastic strategy for expanding the reach of brand marketing to a previously untapped demographic.