10 Clever Ideas For Marketing Your Brand On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms for online advertising. One billion people use the network at least once each month (about one in eight persons on the earth), with the majority (71%) being young adults under the age of 35. This channel caters to a younger audience and features lots of interesting visual content.

Some firms who are interested in utilising Instagram but are unsure on how to get started may be scared off by the platform’s huge size and visual focus. If you put some thought into what you publish on Instagram, you can increase traffic to your storefront. Use this as a blueprint to attract more fans.

Include Instagram Stories in your blog posts

Instagram isn’t only for straightforward posts. With Instagram Stories, you can post once and have it remain at the top of the feed all day.

You can use stories in advertising in a number of different ways:

You can have a different employee act as the “Ambassador for the Day” by giving them access to the account.
Display new information and product samples at an event so attendees can see what they’re losing out on.

Label your post with 8-12 pertinent hashtags

To be discoverable on Instagram, you must use hashtags. Tags and hashtags allow users to track and find content of interest to them. Taking part in a conversation on a social media platform is as simple as using a hashtag.

It’s acceptable to utilise multiple hashtags and categories when posting on Instagram. In reality, research shows that using more than 12 hashtags in a single post does not reduce interaction. You may always write a comment below your post with your relevant hashtags if you don’t want a whole paragraph full of them.

Give honest updates and information about your company

Users of Instagram aren’t looking to simply be exposed to advertisements. They’re interested in you and your brand and follow it because they like what you’re doing. Fix this problem!

Show off your company’s inner workings, highlight what sets you apart, and introduce your employees.

Comply with Influencers within Your Niche

If you don’t show interest in the people around you, you can’t expect them to show interest in you. To get started, just start by following some of your favourite local brands. Local media, organisations, and celebrities can all be followed as examples.

Next, begin monitoring hashtags in your area. If your company is based in Nashville, you might want to follow users that regularly share content related to the Music City. It’s possible that many of these accounts will follow you back, expanding your network and potential for success.

Simple yet effective advice

tag local brands and companies with which you collaborate. Use the @ symbol followed by a user’s name to send a shout out to your suppliers, partners, and neighbours. Mark the farm if you buy produce from them.

These accounts will not only be more likely to tag you in the future, but they will also be able to share your post with their followers right now.

Use Instagram to Draw Readers to Your Blog Not only can Instagram bring visitors into your physical store, but it can also draw readers to your blog. Create a couple of promotional posts for your blog every month and provide a link to it in your profile. Post an interesting picture and some explanatory text.

Expert Tip: Google Analytics’ Acquisition > Social > Overview tab is where you can monitor the impact of these articles.

You can use this traffic as fuel for your other advertising initiatives. Google’s ability to detect user behaviour metrics like bounce rate and time on site increases as site traffic increases. An improvement in search engine rankings is possible if these measures point in the right direction.

Reach Out to Influencers

It’s a good idea to pay bloggers, YouTubers, and other local influencers with sizable audiences to promote your business if you have the resources to do so.

They can post about their positive experience with your items and shop by tagging you and sharing their thoughts. This is an excellent method of reaching out to new customers and benefiting from word-of-mouth’s credibility.

Post pictures of your fans and tag them in them

Sharing user-generated content on Instagram is a great way to gain followers and spread your brand. If you want to know if people are talking about your company, you could check location tags and store hashtags.

Distribute this user-created content and mention your supporters in an acknowledgement comment. This is a fantastic Instagram marketing strategy for showing appreciation to your loyal consumer base.

Promote Instagram-Only Deals

Compared to other social media sites, why should your target audience follow you on Instagram? You need to provide them with an explanation.

Share special deals and promotional things that can’t be found anywhere else, like Facebook or Twitter. In-store redemption of these discounts also makes it simple to measure the efficacy of your social media efforts. You may estimate your Instagram’s ROI and conversion rate with this.

Don’t Just Post; Read Other People’s Responses

Both talking and listening are important in social media. Join the ranks of Instagram users. Introduce yourself to the community by responding to posts, making light-hearted remarks, and actively listening to others.

By doing so, you will be able to establish a credible online identity that draws in an audience.

Boost Your Instagram Ads Performance

Having a strong social media presence helps bring customers into your store. If you know what you’re doing, it can increase your sales and make your business permanent.

Take advantage of these Instagram marketing strategies to launch your brand’s presence on Instagram. The next step is to expand on that. Find out how to use social media platforms successfully in a retail setting.