7 Effective Ways To Promote Your Brand On Instagram

It’s no surprise that, in today’s crowded B2B market, advertisers are seeking for novel channels for B2B advertising in order to raise their brands’ visibility and attract the attention of their target customers.

Today, 82% of B2B consumers expect the same experience as when buying for themselves, and there are 3.8 billion social media users conducting product research on platforms. Business-to-business (B2B) organisations now have a new way to reach potential clients, increase sales, and expand their operations: social media.

Furthermore, the days of LinkedIn and Facebook being the best alternatives for business-to-business enterprises have long since passed. According to the most recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 71% of businesses targeting other businesses utilise Instagram.

What Can Instagram Do for Your B2B Marketing Efforts?

Due to its emphasis on visual material, Instagram may not be the greatest social media site for business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

Here are the top three, though, if you’re still on the fence about using Instagram to market your business-to-business venture:

  • When it comes to marketing your company, Instagram is one of the best options. There are more than a billion monthly users on the site, and nearly all of them (90%) follow at least one company page. It has the most active users and is one of the most rapidly expanding social media networks, making it ideal for advertising products and services.
  • Instagram has many users that are B2B buyers: Age 25–44 is the sweet spot for B2B purchasers. Statista reports that over half of Instagram’s user base is comprised of people in a similar age range, suggesting that many of your target consumers may already be there.
  • Instagram’s business-oriented functions are ideal for advertising your B2B offering: There are over 25 million businesses using Instagram, so it’s no surprise that the app offers a number of tools to advertise those businesses within the app itself.
  • That’s right: Instagram can do wonders for business-to-business organisations. With this newfound knowledge that Instagram is one of the most successful digital marketing techniques, let’s take a cue from the most innovative B2B organisations and multiply our own imagination.

7 ways to promote your business on Instagram

Establishing a Powerful Instagram Profile for Your Brand

Since 65 percent of all learners are visual, it’s crucial to have excellent visual material. It’s no surprise therefore that Instagram pictures are used as primary sources of information about companies and services.

Building a solid Instagram presence is essential for business-to-business brands. It’s an effective way to attract customers and differentiate your business from the competition.

Give your product a personality

Business-to-business customers place a premium on genuineness. Putting a human face on your brand is vital in the B2B buying process because customers prefer companies they feel a connection to. If you want your B2B firm to be taken seriously, Instagram is the place to do it.

Here are a few methods to add some personality to your B2B Instagram account:

Feature interviews with the CEO may convey a lot about the company’s culture, so be sure to display them to your staff.
Walk us through a normal weekday using live video.
Creating custom swag like T-shirts and mugs and handing them out to staff is a great way to boost morale and encourage them to become brand evangelists. Employees will feel more connected to the company and more willing to share positive brand sentiment by posting images of themselves wearing company swag online.

Exhibit Your Specialisation

Customers today only trust businesses that fully understand their plights and offer workable answers. Customers in the B2B sector pay attention to organisations that demonstrate a high level of knowledge in their field.
Instagram may be a great location to showcase your speciality knowledge because so many consumers utilise the platform throughout the research process.

Put Your Money on Celebrity Recommendations

The use of influencers in advertising is on the rise. Because of the high credibility of influencer recommendations among today’s consumers, brands are increasingly using them to spread their messages.

But just a few of B2B marketers (11%) really employ influencer marketing strategies. Bet on influencer endorsements to get ahead of the competition and expose your brand to more people.

Give Directions for Using the Item

In business-to-business transactions, the purchase procedure is not sequential. Obtaining consensus and finalising a transaction is laborious and time-consuming due to the number of persons involved. In spite of this, businesses only pay attention to B2B sellers that provide solutions to their difficulties. Customers will be more likely to give your product a go if you make it clear how to utilise it.

72% of buyers now use online videos as a primary source when researching a purchase, so it makes sense to use Instagram to spread the word about your wares. Post ideas that explain how to utilise your product in an engaging way include product demos, product reviews, and how-to lessons.

Use Instagram Stories to their full potential

With the average attention span now at just 8 seconds, it’s no surprise that platforms like Instagram Stories are flourishing. In fact, every day 500 million people use Instagram Stories.

At first look, it may seem like a waste of effort for B2B organisations to create content that will be gone in 24 hours. However, Instagram now has a feature called Story Highlights that allows businesses to use Instagram Stories and have those stories remain on your page indefinitely.

Distribute Coupons and Deals Only Available Here

Almost every buyer actively seeks for cheap options. It’s been shown via psychological research that giving customers a special offer is a great method to boost sales.

Sharing a discount or voucher might help potential clients go through the challenging B2B buying process more quickly. Not only can you give clients a discount, but you can also provide them a free trial of your product so they can see how it works before they buy.