When Should You Post Instagram Reels? Free And Paid Resources

Instagram Reels have skyrocketed in popularity amongst digital marketers, content providers, and users since its debut in 2020. Short films may now be made with filters, text choices, music, and more using the innovative Reels format. Instagram statistics have shown that using Reels enhances visibility and interaction.

When the typical Instagram user spends 30 minutes a day on Reels, it’s important to time their release effectively. Scheduling IG Reels, however, may save you a lot of time since it eliminates having to film, edit, and upload a video every day.

For what reasons should IG Reels be scheduled?

Although saving time is the primary advantage of planning and scheduling IG Reels, there are other benefits as well.

The ability to devote more time to content planning

By organising your time, you’ll be able to devote more energy to developing a content strategy and editing your films to make them more engaging and informative for your audience. As a result, you may see an increase in activity, brand recognition, and the number of people following you on Instagram.

All the videos have the same style and quality.

Consistency in design is crucial in the realm of social media in order to make an indelible impact on your followers. Similarly, this also applies to Reels. Branding, colors, effects, text overlays, and calls to action are just some of the elements to consider while outlining Reels. Consistency is key, but don’t let it lead to your Reels all looking the same. Keep trying new things to keep your viewers engaged.

Advertising through videos

You may strengthen your video marketing plan and exercise your creativity with the help of reels. Now that Reels are longer, you may experiment with a wide variety of video formats, including how-tos, B-roll, testimonials, product promotion, challenges, everyday snippets, and more!


Preparation is key to ensuring timely input from all relevant parties when numerous teams or teammates are involved in an endeavour. To avoid overloading your team or your audiences with a deluge of Reels, you can plan ahead by brainstorming what you want to post and when you are interested in posting it.

Instagram Reel Scheduling Guide

Tools, both free and commercial, exist to assist in the preparation and scheduling of Instagram stories. Auto-publishing is a function offered by several social network management programs, allowing you to schedule multiple Reels at once. OK, so let’s get started.

Instagram Reel Planning Resources

Meta Studio of Creation

Reels for Facebook and Instagram may be made, optimized, scheduled, and published with the help of Creator Studio. Learn the steps here.


Mtericool is a social media management tool that also helps with content scheduling, data analysis (including competition analysis), and online advertising management. Users may plan and post social media material, including Instagram Reels, with its planner tool, which gives a planning dashboard.


Buffer is an app that helps manage many social media accounts for organisations of any size. It provides a number of resources for managing content calendars, monitoring social media activity, enhancing audience participation, and more. It also has tools for making landing pages quickly and easily using premade templates.


Among Sociality.io’s five primary features are the ability to Publish social material on schedule, Engage with audiences and cultivate connections with them, Analyze performance, and Report. Analyze paid and organic performance, keep an eye on the competition, and compare results with competitor analysis by using Listen, Analytics, and Competitor Analysis.


Later is a social media management application that may be used for organizing, publishing, and analysing information across several platforms. The link in the bio feature for both TikTok and Instagram accounts is also included. The ability to schedule Instagram Reels in bulk and have them automatically published at a later date and time is a brand new function.


Hootsuite is a social media advertising and administration platform that helps its users schedule posts, interact with followers, track metrics, and keep tabs on the competition.


Tailwind is a platform for social networking and email marketing that includes features for promoting on Pinterest and Instagram. Social media content and email campaigns may both be planned and scheduled in advance utilising a single calendar. It’s also got some cool extras, including the Instagram-specific HashtagFinder and the SmartSchedule.


Plann is a Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn auto-scheduler with tools for creating a content calendar, strategizing, and scheduling posts. It can automate posts to Instagram, TikTok, and Reels, as well as edit photos, create content, analyse data, and develop strategies.

Closing Remarks

One of Instagram’s most popular post types is Reels. That’s why it’s crucial for marketers and content providers to take use of it in order to boost engagement and visibility. When it comes to saving time and enhancing video content strategy, digital marketing solutions like free and premium Instagram Reel schedulers have shown to be quite beneficial. If you want to know if the Instagram Reels are successful, you can always check their analytics.