You Should Be Using Video Marketing [TRENDS] For These 8 Crucial Reasons

In terms of marketing, this year has been a veritable video revolution. Sixty-three percent of organisations, according to Wyzowl data, have begun employing video content marketing. In fact, 82% of companies say video marketing is crucial to their overall strategy.

As time goes on, we may expect video to reach even greater heights. 83% of firms believe that video marketing provides them a high return on investment, fueling this trend.

First, Video Increases Sales and Conversions

The money you make from videos might surprise you. Putting a video of the product in question on the landing page can improve sales by 80 percent. The Treepodia team has guaranteed that video will function properly in any environment.

Sales might be a direct result of video content. According to research, after seeing an explainer-video on a product or service, 74% of viewers made a purchase. Now is the time to start making those captivating product videos.

The success of video is not shocking when you stop to consider it. After all, sight is our primary sensory modality. Visual information dominates the data that our brains receive. If still images have the power to significantly increase interaction, just think what moving images may do for your company.

The video demonstrates a very high return on investment.

To further pique your interest, consider that 83% of firms have found video to be a worthwhile investment.

Creating a video isn’t the simplest or cheapest thing to do, but the payoff is substantial. And the price and quality of internet video editing tools is rising. These days, you can even shoot professional-quality films with just a smartphone.

Video promotes confidence.

Conversions and sales are built on a bedrock of trust. However, fostering trustworthiness ought to be an end in itself.

Building relationships and establishing credibility are important to content marketing. Put down the sales pitch and draw customers in by offering them something of value.

It’s all in the video. Our attention and feelings are more likely to be piqued by video information. When talking about your most valuable customers, YouTubers have emerged as the most influential figures on social media. As a result, video production should be a top priority for every content marketing campaign.

Videos are the Future

With the use of videos, you can get people to stay on your site for longer. Longer time on site increases credibility and sends a message to search engines that your material is worthwhile.

You should optimise your Youtube videos for search engines. Come up with catchy headings and summaries. Include a link to your business’s website and available goods and services. Offer prospective buyers a clear path to making a purchase. In addition, investigate the realm of interactive films, since these might inspire even more activity.

Mobile users are enticed by video content

Streaming videos on the fly just makes sense. Ninety percent of customers have seen videos on their phones. The number of mobile video views has increased by almost 233% since Q3 of 2013. YouTube says that year over year, mobile video consumption grows by 100%.

Your video viewership is always expanding because of the rising popularity of mobile video consumption and the increasing penetration of smartphones.

The popularity of mobile video calls for marketers to consider the individual nature of their consumers’ smartphone viewing experiences. For instance, expand their available options for watching videos.

Marketing with Videos Can Clarify Anything

Concepts may be brought to life in ways that text or live video just can’t using animation. Furthermore, dull talking heads aren’t cutting it anymore in today’s crowded media landscape. Cartoons have an ideal balance of simplicity, familiarity, and fun.

Make sure you’re employing a method that actually works. Make your videos stand out from the crowd by following these 20 pre-production procedures. Learn from the best practises and vital advice for creating a product demo video.

Even the most disinterested consumers may be won over by a well-produced video.

Learning via videos is not only effective, but also quite convenient. Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves little room for in-depth research into products and services.

The product must be demonstrated to the modern consumer in use. One of the primary motivators for include video in your content marketing strategy is user desire.

Video Boosts Shares on Social Media

With their updated capabilities, social media platforms are also promoting video content. Facebook now has three video-centric apps available: 3600 Video, Live Video, and Lifestage (aimed towards young people).

Make humorous and engaging films to spread online. Sharing on social media can improve traffic to your website, which may or may not translate to a positive return on investment.


It’s become easier and cheaper to advertise using videos online. The widespread transmission of videos is also contributing to their increasing popularity.

Business promotional video production calls for original thought and an understanding of human nature. With this combination, you can do advertising miracles on a shoestring budget.

Advertising videos that are both emotionally engaging and inventive may become viral on the Internet in a matter of days, garnering millions of views. This is why only original ideas succeed in video marketing.