Why Effective Social Media Posts Often Bomb And What To Do About It

You’ve discovered some fantastic material worthy of being shared on social media. You’ve revised the content, added a picture, and set it to publish at the most convenient time for you. However, when it comes time to actually share the content, it fails to gain traction.

This is not a pleasant sensation. Nobody likes it when their efforts are ignored.

The information on social media platforms is excellent and engaging. In a perfect world, all you’d need to do to get followers, keep the attention of your audience, and expand your reach is to share the best of what’s available. However, in actuality, this is only the beginning. The visibility of your social media postings should be a top focus if you want them to reach as many people as possible.

The Problem with Even the Best Social Media Posts

Here’s one we produced earlier to demonstrate the dramatic impact that little adjustments may have on social media results.

This article’s clickthrough rate jumped by 90 percent. It wasn’t as widely shared, but many more people noticed it and clicked through to check it out. This shows us that this content is more valuable and relevant to our Twitter followers.

Fresh look

The graphic in the first tweet is really bland and uninteresting. The photo’s subdued colours and stock picture status make it a common visual resource. The wording is the sole notable feature, but even that isn’t enough to leave a lasting impression.

We swapped it out with a fresh, green, in-house design. It’s far more probable that this picture will be seen because of the bright colour and the lack of complexity. It immediately jumps out at you when you look at the tweet.

Visibility is greatly affected by visuals, especially moving images. Cisco predicts that by 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. Adding animation or a video presentation to our tweet would have made it even better.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to make eye-catching photos or films. Twitter has made it simple to embed funny GIFs into your tweets at no cost, while Lumen5 makes it possible to turn your blog articles into professional-looking films in a matter of minutes (with no special equipment necessary).

Keywords in hashtags

Despite having more hashtags overall, the ones used in the first post aren’t very strong. They’re widely used and, in the case of #traffic, relevant to more than one field of study. Unfortunately, that presumably indicates that our post got lost in the din of traffic-related grumblings.

The second post is aimed squarely towards folks who are interested in its single hashtag. The fact that it isn’t as popular is really a plus, since it increases the likelihood that the tweet will be seen by those who are most likely to click on it, share it, and interact with it.

Using a programme like Ritetag, which will inform you whether or not the hashtags you’re using are too common or too niche, you may rapidly locate more focused hashtags for your own tweets.

A more significant reference

It’s not a terrible thing that I was mentioned in the first tweet. Inviting the original content’s creator to retweet your tweet increases the likelihood that it will reach more people.

Here, nevertheless, a person’s fan base and level of influence become crucial. My retweet won’t reach as many people as one from a well-known brand that has 10 times as many followers.

If there are many persons you could tag, evaluate their interaction rates to determine who you should highlight.

Stronger text to share

The expression “Short on time?” is not inherently offensive. How decreasing your blog post frequency might boost your readership. But there is one thing it’s missing: punch.

Twitter is a loud, boisterous environment where every character counts. In this scenario, we had to eliminate the fluff and zero in on what makes this blog article worthwhile.

‘How writing less may expand your blog’ is what you get if you cut out the filler and strengthen some of the weaker terms. ‘How to expand your blog by publishing less’ becomes “How to grow your blog by putting the most powerful word (grow) near the beginning.”

It takes expertise to write engaging social media posts, but if the material is easy to understand and speaks to the audience’s most pressing worries or aspirations, you’re on the right route. This has the dual effects of decreasing travel time and increasing foot traffic.

The unnamed component

“Patience” is the one piece of social media advice I provide, especially to business owners. Quote from: Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s not normally connected to the lightning-fast velocity of the internet. However, persistence is required to build a fan base. You may employ every strategy in the book in an effort to boost your content’s performance, but genuine engagement is something that must be nurtured over time. You can’t cut corners.

Continue your education and your pursuits. And please ask any questions you may have regarding creating viral content for social media below.