Social Media Trends You Need To Know In 2023

It seems like new styles are appearing and disappearing at a faster rate than ever before.

When your livelihood depends on keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, it can be stressful to keep up with best practises across all of your platforms. In just the past year, Instagram has undergone a dramatic transformation, with users exposed to more authentic, influential content.

So, in light of that, here are the most up-to-date trends in social media that every writer needs to know.

Originally released last year,


Instagram Reels is the platform’s response to TikTok, and it continues to grow in popularity. A feature called “Remix” was added to TikTok in April that allows users to provide feedback on other people’s videos, much like the duets feature on other platforms.

Having the original uploader share your video again can greatly increase its exposure and popularity. It would appear that the Instagram algorithm is giving preference to Remixes as part of an effort to increase the number of people using the tool. If you want to get on board, do it now.


A photo dump is a post consisting of multiple images presented in a Carousel format; think of it as a visual diary. A photo dump is a great way to show off a few photos you took on a trip or over the weekend to reach a wider audience. Instead of overly-curated staged photo shoots, they feature more natural expressions.


Instagram has been the go-to platform for highly edited, aesthetically pleasing content for nearly a decade now.

However, in the past year readers have been looking for more personal and straightforward content.

We’re sick and tired of being presented with polished versions of life that we know to be false. Influencers all over the world are leaning into sharing the unglamorous details of their day-to-day lives in preparation for the 2020 convergence of COVID and social justice issues.


The use of heavily filtered photos on Instagram has plummeted as users strive to be more honest and approachable.

Although some minor tweaks and colour adjustments may be made, the content is as close to the original as possible. Put away your lens flares and Facetune, because in 2021 it’s all about realness.


The 2020s have become the self timer’s heyday, much like the 2010s were the selfie’s.

Taking high-quality self-portraits doesn’t necessitate a professional-grade tripod and remote shutter. Easy as setting the phone to self-timer (or using an app like Lens Buddy), balancing the phone, and striking a pose.


It’s not necessary to save your less-than-stellar Instagram photos for the Stories section. It’s the best place to connect with your audience on a personal level through entertaining, risk-taking, and genuine content. If your audience enjoys watching and commenting on your Stories, you can expect Instagram to more frequently distribute your posts to their feeds.
There has been an uptick in creative uses of the question sticker, such as “tell me a date and I’ll post a photo from my camera roll.

When Stories first started trending a few years ago, guides on how to create beautiful Stories by using special effects and filters were all the rage. However, nowadays, we often use Stories to show an intimate glimpse into our everyday lives.


Even if you only have a few dozen followers, you still have a voice that deserves to be heard.

A key part of being an influencer is being able to use your position to help disseminate knowledge and enhance your followers. You don’t have to make your channel a news source, but it wouldn’t hurt to share useful links and articles every once in a while.

Instagram has evolved from a simple photo sharing app to a hub for starting meaningful conversations and exchanging personal anecdotes. There are plenty of re-postable posts and carousels on accounts like @shityoushouldcareabout.


People who use social media to find leaders to follow value listening to those who share their values and worldview.

Even though not everyone will share your beliefs, it’s better to be forthright and honest with your audience than to try to win over the masses by hiding your true self. Injecting your content with a dose of honesty about your life and the way you choose to live is a surefire way to win over the hearts and minds of the general public.