How To Run A Successful Instagram Contest

People get excited about contests and giveaways because they have a chance to win something for nothing.

Increased interaction and new followers are two things every Instagram company hopes to see as a result of contests like this.

Keep reading to get the details on Instagram contests and the steps you can take to improve your chances of winning.

This is Why Companies Hold Instagram Contests

Over one million people actively use Instagram every month, making it one of the most popular social networks. It’s a platform that’s hugely popular among content producers and only growing in popularity throughout the world.

There has been a lot of success on the platform for brands trying to expand their internet presence. Instagram’s “store” capabilities make it ideal for e-commerce companies to sell their wares online.

Although Instagram is a fantastic tool for marketing products and services, it may be difficult to stand out from the crowd when promoting specific campaigns. The solution to this problem is a giveaway on Instagram.

Giveaways on Instagram tend to gain a lot of attention since people enjoy receiving free stuff. A certain strategy to stand out from the crowd is to have an Instagram post that features your company go viral.

Think of all the various marketing goals you may accomplish with the help of a viral Instagram post, such as gaining new followers, email subscribers, website visitors, and more.

Instagram Contests: How Do They Operate?

Instagram contests are easy to understand in principle. You’re running a promotion on Instagram with a brand-sponsored prize, and you want people to enter to win it. After that, winners are chosen at random.

Instagram contest entry methods are determined solely by the company running the promotion. A company’s decision on an entry strategy will depend on the needs of its marketing department at the time.

To enter the aforementioned promotion, Instagram users must follow numerous profiles and tag friends. In order to participate in the promotion, individuals must follow The Sneaker Pharmacists and tag three of their friends.

Instagram Contests as a Means to an End for Marketing

Inviting visitors to input their email addresses is just another example of a custom entry technique that can help you reach your aim. You may use this entry technique to start or grow your email list.

You’ll have to send those Instagram people to a separate website to enter the contest. Promote your giveaway registration page on Instagram with the help of a platform like Hypage.

Later, we’ll go more into the objectives and strategies for reaching them. First, though, let’s take a peek at the astounding results that one online shop got through an Instagram giveaway.

Targeting Your Freebie Campaign

In a nutshell, we discussed how organisations can utilise giveaways to further their marketing initiatives (such growing their email and social media subscriber bases). The same holds true for your Instagram contest.

Your campaign’s freebie should be designed around your end aim. Requesting likes, comments, and tags from Instagram users is one way to boost participation.

Boost Awareness of Your Instagram Contest

It’s simple: higher outcomes from your giveaways will come from more effective advertising.

Instagram freebies have a high potential for becoming viral. The more individuals you can convince to participate in the contest, the more likely it is that your Instagram post will be seen by a wide audience. Especially if you want them to share your giveaway with their friends by referring them.

Make a picture that stands out, showing off the gift you’ll be giving away. Instagram users in your target demographic should click on your giveaway post as soon as they see it.

Constantly ask for user participation in the form of likes, comments, tags, and shares. A successful Instagram giveaway post begins with these steps.

The following stage is to spread the word about your giveaway using other promotional methods. You may begin with the platforms where your brand currently exists.


Instagram contests are viral initiatives that attract a lot of people’s attention. Engagement and audience growth might both significantly benefit from such initiatives.

Not any old freebie will do the trick. If you want to get the best results, you need to properly organise and carry out your giveaway. Your giveaway will be more successful if you set clear goals and choose a reward that speaks directly to them.

When was the last time you entered an Instagram giveaway? What about competitions on Instagram? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.