Instagram Reels Analytics: Everything You Need To Know In 2022

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Instagram reels are the hottest platform for businesses to promote their brand reach to a wider audience. Since it is a short vertical video, it has taken the world by storm in recent years. According to the stats, Instagram reels receive 22% more engagement than regular posts on Instagram. If you are looking for ways to capitalize your content, it is essential to understand what’s working for your brand. In this article, you’ll learn everything about Instagram reels insights.

What Is Instagram Reels Analytics?

Instagram reels analytics is meant for analyzing, tracking, and collecting data to understand the performance of your IG reels. An in-depth Instagram reels analytics can help you to take the right decision to build an engaging content strategy. 

Analyzing your metrics will help you know your audience better, and creating content will boost your page performance and attract new audiences to your IG profile. Reel analytics are a part of Instagram analytics and should be added to your Instagram and social media reports. 

Instagram Reels Analytics Metrics

To find whether your Instagram reels reaches success, you need to check the following metrics:

Instagram Reels Reach Insights

Account Reached:

It tells you how many unique users on Instagram viewed your IG reels at least once. 


It is the total number of times your reel videos have been played. Usually, these metrics could be higher than the account reached because some users may watch your video more than once. 

Instagram Reels Engagement Insights


This metric lets you know how many Instagram users like your reels.


The total number of comments for individual reels. 


The number of times your reels were saved


The total number of times users shared your reel to their Instagram story or directly sent it to other users.

Instagram Reels Analytics to Make Better Reels

Now with the above points, you are clear about where to find your Instagram reel analytics and why to track them. Getting into the reels analytics is best to put all the insights into making better content to boost video engagement. 

#1: Test Different Reels Style & Length

To make an engaging reel, you must watch many popular reels on Instagram. Use the Instagram Explorer page to find the trending reel content and recreate them to work better for your brand or business. Additionally, you can use the best visual styles, filters, and effects to make your reel popular on Instagram.

Instagram allows users to share up to 90 seconds of reel videos with their friends and family. But you don’t need to use it the whole time. Sometimes shorter videos can be more engaging than longer ones. Similar to testing different styles, you need to test different reels length and see what your audience responds to the best. 

#2. Post At The Right Time

Posting your reels at peak time is the best strategy to maximize your video reach and engagement. Track your reels insights to find the best day of the week and time of the day to upload your Instagram reels to increase your video views and likes. 

Are you wondering about how to boost views count on reels videos for your account? It is simple! Test different posting times and track your result closely to find out what time works best for you and your potential audiences. Post videos accordingly to get instant reels views from the audiences who already show interest in your content. With this, you will never waste great engaging reels by posting them when your target audience is not online. 

Why is Tracking Reels Analytics Important?

With any social media platform, tracking your analytics can help you understand your overall performance and gives opportunities to create better content for the future. The Instagram reels analytics can help you to get the following insights:

  • Your audience likes and dislikes
  • The right time to post reels for getting reach and engagement
  • An attractive call to action button resonating with your audience
  • Helps to select the right effects, filters, and music you are doing with.

Closely tracking your Instagram reel analytics will help you to become popular on the platform. 

Final Words

Tracking and analyzing your reels insights should be a key part of your regular Instagram marketing strategy. Identifying the content suitable for your audiences is best to increase your reels videos’ reach and engagement. If you are already running a business, add this strategy to drive growth and sales shortly. 

6 Traffic-Generating Tips To Grow Your Website SEO With Keyword Research Tool

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Does losing website traffic reduce your conversion rate? If yes, how to overcome it? Here is the solution. Improve your website SEO with proper keyword research tools. In this guide, we are going to see the best keyword research tool to boost your website traffic. Make your site visible on the search results by using traffic-generating keywords.

Keywords are the essential ranking factor since it helps users to identify your content on the search results. Google considers keywords as a tool to increase visibility. Implementing the right terms on your content results in optimizing your search position.

Are you ready to know the ways to find the keywords for your website? Take a look at the below tools to get the right keywords.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a powerful tool that provides an overview of your target keyword and traffic generated to your site by the particular keyword. SEMrush tool provides the most accurate data of the competing websites that show the exact competition of the keyword. 

Use the SEMrush tool by logging in and tapping on organic research. Then choose the Overview option and type the word or phrase that you want to search for. Get the results visible on the dashboard.

2. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a widely used keyword research tool to improve your website SEO. With Ahrefs, you can find the organic keywords, backlinks, and PPC campaigns of your competitors. This tool provides the best opportunity to maximize your website visibility on the search engine result page.

How to use Ahrefs? Login to the account and type the keyword on the search box. You have an option to enter about 100 keywords. When you click on the search icon, you will get a report for each keyword, such as search difficulty, and know how hard to rank on SERP for that keyword.

3. Use Keyword Planner

Get the keyword with a higher search volume that estimates the traffic for your website. Keyword planner tool flags the right keyword that you can use to get powerful backlinks from the manual SEO link building services to gain success. 

Google’s keyword planner is a free tool to determine the right keyword. It is better to use the low-volume keyword to increase your search visibility. Focus on providing great content with the right keywords to improve your authority.

4. Google Search Console

If you are the one gaining some traffic to your website, using Google Search Console is the right SEO tool to find the average position of your website on Google, impression, and CTR.

GSC is the suggestion tool that resolves your SEO issues and ranks your website higher on Google. For instance, if your website ranks on the first page with low CTR, you need to improve the meta tags to enrich your readers. With the GSC tool, you will get those suggestions.

5. Moz

Moz is a perfect tool to find the keywords that route to the increase in website SEO. When you type your website URL on the search box, you will get the keywords with link analysis that provides the details of quality backlinks from authority sources. 

The multiple features of Moz are, get the page ranking, competitor analysis, keyword difficulty, and SEO improvements. The pricing starts at $99 per month. 

6. SpyFu

Does your website need crowded traffic? Use SpyFu to get the SEO strategies of your competitor site that provide the data to use in your website. The SpyFu tool has excellent features like Adword advisory, competitor monitoring campaign, etc. 

Additionally, SpyFu offers you unlimited backlink searches that help to see the historical data of 10 years. The plan of SpyFu starts at $39/month along with discounts for the annual payments.


There are plenty of keyword research tools that help to optimize your content on the top searches. Use the keyword that enables visibility among your target audiences with the right description and page titles. I hope the above article provides you with a clear idea about the keyword research tools. Grow your online business with the right tool suitable for your website.

Top 5 Hacks To Gain Real TikTok Views For Your Videos

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Most people use TikTok for entertainment purposes and consume short and entertaining content. Creating short videos for your audiences is essential to increasing the brand’s popularity on TikTok. Since TikTok is a video-sharing platform, making short videos on any popular topic brings potential customers to your account. Due to the greater audience engagement, more businesses are involved in TikTok to make it popular among their target audiences.

It is important to follow the best practices to make your videos popular and get permanent results from your potential audiences. Here are the top five ways to know how to get more views on TikTok for your videos. 

#1. Make Your Profile Attractive

The first impression of your audience on TikTok is your profile. Users who find your content interesting will directly move on to your profile to learn about your background. Make your about section attractive to get potential followers for your TikTok account. An important reason to create an attractive profile on TikTok is to make your account searchable by the users. Include a memorable username without unusual characters and symbols, which leads to an increase in brand trust.

#2. Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in finding your content among target audiences. TikTok allows you to add captions up to 100 characters while adding hashtags. The fact is that adding hashtags makes your content easily findable and increases video visibility. 

Apart from using hashtags strategically, you could buy real TikTok views to gain credibility for your videos as well as your profile so that potential audiences become your evergreen followers. Anyways, keep the following tips in mind while choosing hashtags.

  • Take trending hashtags from the Discover tab
  • Stay away from generic hashtags and tags that are overused
  • Do experiments by using different tags and find the best that gets higher engagement.

#3. Include Trending Music

According to recent research, the popular videos on TikTok use trending music in their content to gain greater audience attention. Though publishing your TikTok video with the original sound will be a great idea, adding a trending song relevant to your content from the TikTok library gathers maximum views. If you aim to engage audiences, it is best to use trending music in your video content to increase potential followers. 

#4. Perform Video Optimization

Make your audiences watch your TikTok videos to the fullest without scrolling down. The TikTok algorithm boosts your video ranking only when the users spend time watching your video without skipping. When people scroll down your videos, the algorithm marks your video negatively and will not boost your rank on the For You page. So, it is best to hook your audiences within a few seconds of your TikTok video. Also, it is essential to post your content at the active time of your target audiences to get more views organically.

#5. Do A Research

Since there are billions of active users and millions of content streaming on TikTok, it is essential to do complete research to create interactive content for your audiences. First, understand the type of content that receives the highest traction from TikTok users. Do research on your competitors’ content to obtain the views and grab the target audiences. Go to the TikTok insights available in the TikTok analytics section to identify your target audiences and make your content gain more viewers. Complete research on TikTok helps to gain an online presence and increase the conversion rate.

#6. Cross-Promote Your Videos

The bonus point to increase TikTok views and followers to your videos is to cross-promote your videos on several other social media platforms and also on your product store. For instance, if you are a business and run a Shopify store, you can easily gain potential followers. Insert your TikTok videos on your Shopify store and increase the customers for your brand by building a vast community.

Wrapping Up

If you use TikTok for your business, a strong brand presence with good content knowledge is required to attract new audiences. Getting engagement on TikTok is a tricky game, where you require the perfect tricks and tips to stay ahead.

Instagram Video Ideas: 6 Tips To Make Killer Instagram Videos

Instagram is a successful social media platform, and the power of Instagram videos is limitless. Posting Instagram videos can help you increase page engagement and successfully promote brand products or services. 

According to Instagram statistics, video posts get 38% more engagement than photos. So you need to focus on video content if you want to promote your Instagram page or business. 

More than 100 million posts are shared every day on Instagram, but how do you make Instagram videos that sets you apart from the crowd? Here are six tips to make a killer Instagram video that increases your followers and boosts your engagement rate. 

Tip 1: Post High-Quality Video Content

People on every social media, especially on Instagram, enjoy high-quality video content. This means you must create effective video content on Instagram and give your audience something new, so they can like and share your post. 

You don’t have to get a professional camera to shoot quality videos. Your smartphone with a good camera is just fine. While creating a video, make sure to check the lighting, sound effect, and video length. 

Tip 2: Make Authentic Video Content

Sharing unique video content on Instagram is the best way to promote your post on the explore page. Always come up with amazing content to stand out from the crowd. 

Find your target audience and make videos to grow your followers and get more impressions and reach. Share time-lapse videos and hyperlapse videos to attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. 

Use the Instagram video editing tool to create gorgeous videos that describe your Instagram page or business. You can easily do this with the help of frames, video filters, stickers, and video collages. 

Tip 3: Cross Promote Videos on Stories 

Once you upload your videos, it is time to cross-promote them on your Instagram account. If you post your video on Instagram feeds, you can share it on your Instagram story to boost engagement and reach. 

Additionally, if you do an Instagram live, you can make it an IGTV video and keep it on your channel forever. You can also add a preview of the IGTV video on your feed and Instagram stories to attract a new audience to your channel. 

Looking out for how to boost Instagram story views? It is damn easier than you think! But only when you follow the right strategy. Use Instagram stories to cross promote your IGTV teaser, reels videos and feed posts with “new post” stickers to explore your story reach and engagement. 

Share your video on every available feature on Instagram to boost your profile reach and engagement. Also you can cross promote your videos on other social media profiles to grow your profile reach. 

Tip 4: Post Short Videos

One of the perfect ways to grab user attention is to make Instagram videos as short as possible because people don’t spend their time watching one thing. 

Instagram has specified video length for each feature

  • 15 seconds for Instagram stories 
  • 30 seconds for Instagram reels
  • 1 minute for video post on Instagram feeds

When you are shooting a video for Instagram, you must remember these features. If you want to post a longer video, you can go with Instagram TV or Instagram live.

Tip 5: Add Captions

According to the research, 92% of people watch muted videos, and 82% of people like to see a video with captions on Instagram. Adding a caption helps the user to understand what you are trying to say in your videos. 

Many people like to watch videos with captions on their feed. Adding captions gets people’s attention faster, and even the video has no sound. Make sure that your captions are short and catchy. 

Additionally, you can add some stickers, emojis, or catchy text to draw the user’s attention to your videos. Adding captions to your post will increase your video reach among a wider audience. 

Summing Up

Video content strategy is the most important way for creators and brands to improve their reach and awareness. Create unique video content on Instagram to attract new audiences without spending money on promotions. 

Make sure to use the Instagram video editing tool to create eye catchy videos to attract a new audience to your Instagram profile. Follow these five effective tips to make viral Instagram videos.